Careers Guidance Services for Schools

Career Directions can support schools to achieve the Government Statutory Guidance for Careers and the associated Gatsby Benchmarks by:

  • Providing individual and group careers guidance for students from years 8 to 13.
  • Supporting career choices for more able students and for SEND students.
  • Attending parents’ evenings.
  • Organising careers fairs and employer presentations.
  • Developing supporting curriculum materials, such as CV workshops, how to apply to University, interview preparation, and subject- specific labour market information.
  • Providing CPD to staff to update their knowledge about careers.
  • Generating contacts with employers for workshops and work experience.
  • Liaising with other relevant organisations, such as youth support services, colleges, sixth forms, and specialist disability charities.

Government Statutory Guidance

Careers and Enterprise Company

Gatsby Good Careers Guidance

What is a career?

Imagine that a career is an exciting journey throughout your lifetime. There are many varied choices available and decisions to make. The world of work is changing due to a variety of factors, such as new technology, politics, climate change and the state of the global economy. It is essential that we are able to adapt to this changing world and workplace in order to continue to be employable. This means that we need to reflect about our skills, strengths, interests and values and find out how this fits with current and future work and training opportunities that are open to us.

The idea that we climb the career ladder has long gone. Many people change career, retrain or take a career break for all sorts of reasons. So a career can be best viewed as a journey that we create ourselves, making choices and decisions as we navigate our way.

Modern career theories no longer simply rely on a matching process. What is important is how well we understand ourselves, identify potential opportunities, stay informed about the labour market, continually develop our skills, and manage our career transitions.